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Set expiration date of user Shell


Get time zone by request ip PHP 1
generate random string simple PHP 0
FormValidator_D Dart 0
flattern array PHP 8
use env in laravel PHP 1
laravel cheatsheet PHP 2
generate unique id PHP 2
random string PHP 2
Deep copy of Array JavaScript


Build frontend watch Shell 1
Build frontend prod Shell 0
flask serve Shell 0
my_bashrc Shell 0
Apex Callout Method Apex

Smooth Criminal

Linux folder tranfers Shell


Chained fixtures Python 0
Test with fixture Python 0
Check exception raised with pytest Python 1
Simple test with pytest Python 1
pytest class Python 1
testing syntax highlighting Rust 0
Immutable list from objects - Guava Java 0
Immutable list builder - Guava Java 0
Guava Immutable List Java 0
Copy an existing list into an immutable list Java 0
Immutable list of elements Java 0
check half width kana PHP 6
check kanji PHP 0
check full width hiragana PHP 2
check full width katakana PHP 6
check full width japanese number PHP 2
check japanese number PHP 4
convert to slug url PHP 1
upcase split PHP 1
convert to title case PHP 0
invert case PHP 0
convert to snake case PHP 10
convert to kebab case PHP 9
convert to camel case PHP 7
string contain PHP 12
string length PHP 63
convert to studly Case PHP 16
is empty string PHP 22
get string length PHP 33
Z-index function for SCSS SCSS 0
Position mixin for SCSS SCSS 0
Fade mixin for SCSS SCSS 1
Media query mixins for SCSS SCSS 0
Font size mixin for SCSS SCSS 0
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