// Your task in order to complete this Kata is to write a function which formats a duration, given as a number of seconds, in a human-friendly way.
    // The function must accept a non-negative integer. If it is zero, it just returns "now". Otherwise, the duration is expressed as a combination of years, days, hours, minutes and seconds.
    // It is much easier to understand with an example:
    // formatDuration(62)    // returns "1 minute and 2 seconds"
    // formatDuration(3662)  // returns "1 hour, 1 minute and 2 seconds"
    // For the purpose of this Kata, a year is 365 days and a day is 24 hours.
    // Note that spaces are important.
    // Detailed rules
    // The resulting expression is made of components like 4 seconds, 1 year, etc. In general, a positive integer and one of the valid units of time, separated by a space. The unit of time is used in plural if the integer is greater than 1.
    // The components are separated by a comma and a space (", "). Except the last component, which is separated by " and ", just like it would be written in English.
    // A more significant units of time will occur before than a least significant one. Therefore, 1 second and 1 year is not correct, but 1 year and 1 second is.
    // Different components have different unit of times. So there is not repeated units like in 5 seconds and 1 second.
    // A component will not appear at all if its value happens to be zero. Hence, 1 minute and 0 seconds is not valid, but it should be just 1 minute.
    // A unit of time must be used "as much as possible". It means that the function should not return 61 seconds, but 1 minute and 1 second instead. Formally, the duration specified by of a component must not be greater than any valid more significant unit of time.
    //The best practice
    function formatDuration (seconds) {
      var time = { year: 31536000, day: 86400, hour: 3600, minute: 60, second: 1 },
          res = [];
      if (seconds === 0) return 'now';
      for (var key in time) {
        if (seconds >= time[key]) {
          var val = Math.floor(seconds/time[key]);
          res.push(val += val > 1 ? ' ' + key + 's' : ' ' + key);
          seconds = seconds % time[key];
      return res.length > 1 ? res.join(', ').replace(/,([^,]*)$/,' and'+'$1') : res[0]
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