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    The following code displays a file preview in a <div> element. The <img> tag points to the file preview's src attribute, which is set to "/courses/3575823/files/245872895/preview" . The alt attribute displays the file's title. The data-api-endpoint parameter specifies the URL address of the Instructure course's API. The data-api-returntype parameter specifies theReturnType of the Instructure course's API - in this case, File .

    <div style="height: 75px; background-color: #77bc1f;"><img id="244745155" src="/courses/3575823/files/245872895/preview" alt="" data-api-endpoint="https://lmc.instructure.com/api/v1/courses/3575823/files/245872895" data-api-returntype="File" />
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