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    The code explains why the author believes they would be a valuable addition to the team. They provide a clear overview of their experience and what they bring to the table. They explain how their skills and experience could be immediately put to use on the platform.

    I have been building cloud-based SaaS products for a long time and I have a lot of experience,
    having learned important lessons as the field has matured. It is exciting to see a company such as yours,
    with its rich pedigree in the enterprise on-prem space, venture into the cloud SaaS area.
    I have led products that have gone on to serve multiple purposes. For example,
    when I worked for a company that focused on athletics, I led the design and implementation
    of a product that helped folks track their runs. It created a heatmap so people could track where they ran.
    Placing their runs in context of a physical terrain made our product different, as did the emphasis on fitness where we tracked how many calories they burned.
    I added features where people could invite their friends for runs, which created community. As you can see, I have a proven record in being inventive in design and iterative in innovation. My experience, coupled with your market presence, makes for a winning combination. I can add value right away helping your platform scale. And, your products are exciting for me to try out my ideas to scale for a cross-section of customers. Why this answer worked well:It provided a crisp career backstory.It explained what’s appealing about the company and the role.It detailed how a partnership could be mutually beneficial.
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