Iterasi Array Javascript



    Guntar Susatyo

    The iterasiArray function iterates through the sourceData array of data and assigns the corresponding code for each item in the array to the kodePO variable. The barisDataPO object stores the current code and the tanggalnya variable stores the date of the corresponding row in the sourceData array.

    Shortcut: sheetIterasiArray

    function iterasiArray() {
      var kodePO;
      var sourceData = sheetAlokasi.getRange(6, 3, 45, 7).getValues();
      for (row in sourceData) {
        if(sourceData[row][0] != '') {
          kodePO = sourceData[row][1];
          sheetDataPO.getRange(barisDataPO(kodePO), 92).setValue(tanggalnya);
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