scala factorial of n with recursion



    The code in this package example defines a method called factorial that takes an Int argument. The method prints "hello world" when executed. The code also defines a variable called factorial that stores the result of calling the factorial method on successive integers. The code in this example computes the factorial of 10- first, it prints "computing factorial of 10- first I need factorial of 9" and then it computes the factorial of 9 by multiplying 9 by 9 and storing the result in the variable result. Finally, the code prints the value of result.

    package example
    object factorial extends App {
      //println("hello world")
      def factorial(n: Int): Int = {
        if (n <= 1) return 1
            //println("computing factorial of " +n + "- first I need factorial of "+ (n-1))
            val result =  factorial(n-1) * n
            //println("computed factorial of" +n)
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