Join two dataframes



    The code calculates the user count and user activity count. It uses the readUserData and readUserActivityData functions to get the data needed. The code then uses a join to combine the data from the two dataframes.

    def calculate(sparkSession: SparkSession): Unit = {
      val UserIdColName = "userId"
      val UserNameColName = "userName"
      val CountColName = "totalEventCount"
      val userRdd: DataFrame = readUserData(sparkSession)
      val userActivityRdd: DataFrame = readUserActivityData(sparkSession)
      # DF1 "readUserData": userId, userName
      # DF2 "readUserActivityData": userId, pageId, timestamp, eventType
      # Create the code to join the two dataframes and count the number of events per userName. 
      # It should output in the format userName; totalEventCount and only for users that have events.
      # ......
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