UDF performance



    This code calculates the sum of the actions for all the items in a user's category and all the items in another user's category. It uses a Map[Int, Set[Int]] to keep track of which categories have children and joins those categories together to get the sum of the actions.

    # The following code registers a user-defined function (UDF) and uses it in a query.
    # (The general business logic is irrelevant to the question.)
    # What is problematic about the code such that it might tear down the whole cluster, and how can it be solved?
    # (Hint: It has to do with the usage of the categoryNodesWithChildren Map variable.)
    def calculate(sparkSession: SparkSession): Unit = {
      val UserIdColumnName = "userId"
      val CategoryIdColumnName = "categoryId"
      val NumActionsColumnName = "numActions"
      val OtherCategoryIdColumnName = "otherCategoryId"
      val OtherNumActionsColumnName = "otherNumActions"
      val categoryNodesWithChildren: Map[Int, Set[Int]] =
        Map(0 -> Set(1, 2, 3),
          1 -> Set(4, 5),
          2 -> Set(6, 7),
          3 -> Set(8),
          7 -> Set(9, 10)
      sparkSession.udf.register("isChildOf", (nodeId: Int, parentNodeId: Int) =>  
      nodeId != parentNodeId && categoryNodesWithChildren.getOrElse(nodeId, Set[Int]()).contains(parentNodeId))
      val userCategoryActions = readUserCategoryActions(sparkSession)
      val otherUserCategoryActions = userCategoryActions
      val joinedUserActions = userCategoryActions
        .join(otherUserCategoryActions, UserIdColumnName)
        .where("!(isChildOf(categoryId,otherCategoryId) or isChildOf(otherCategoryId,categoryId))")
        .groupBy(UserIdColumnName, CategoryIdColumnName, OtherCategoryIdColumnName)
        .withColumnRenamed(s"sum($OtherNumActionsColumnName)", OtherNumActionsColumnName)
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