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    if Input.is_action_just_pressed("boost"): direction = Vector2.ZERO

    _process(0.5 * delta)

    This code extends Sprite and defines three variables: boost_speed, normal_speed, and max_speed. max_speed is the speed that the player will move at.Normal speed is set to 600 and boost_speed is set to 1500.Velocity is set to Vector2.ZERO, which means that the player is at (0,0). Drag_factor is set to 0.1 to give the player a bit of drag. _process() is called whenever the player moves their left or right stick. If the player is moving up or down, _process() is called with a different delta value. If the player presses the "boost" key, _process() sets max_speed to the boost_speed and gets the node "Timer" started. process() then sets desired_velocity to the direction * max_speed and calculates the steering_vector by subtracting velocity from desired_velocity - velocity. Velocity is then increased by the steering_vector * drag

    extends Sprite
    var boost_speed := 1500.0
    var normal_speed := 600.0
    var max_speed := normal_speed
    var velocity := Vector2.ZERO  # Velocity = Van Toc, ZERO = (0,0)
    var drag_factor := 0.1
    func _process(delta: float) -> void:
      var direction := Vector2.ZERO
      direction.x = Input.get_axis("move_left", "move_right")
      direction.y = Input.get_axis("move_up", "move_down")
      if direction.length()>1.0:		# de tau khi bay cheo' van toc ko tang len
      direction = direction.normalized()
      if Input.is_action_just_pressed("boost"): #boost key: "space"
      max_speed = boost_speed
      # Node "timer" da duoc thiet lap cu sau 0.5s se thuc hien func o line 29
      var desired_velocity = direction * max_speed
      var steering_vector = desired_velocity - velocity
      velocity += steering_vector * drag_factor
      position += velocity * delta
      rotation = velocity.angle()
    func _on_Timer_timeout() -> void:
      max_speed = normal_speed
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