Use memo functions in React Memo comparison in React

    Library: react

    import React, { useState, useEffect, useRef } from "react";
    // Usage
    function MyComponent({ obj }) {
      const [state, setState] = useState();
      // Use the previous obj value if the "id" property hasn't changed
      const objFinal = useMemoCompare(obj, (prev, next) => {
        return prev && ===;
      // Here we want to fire off an effect if objFinal changes.
      // If we had used obj directly without the above hook and obj was technically a
      // new object on every render then the effect would fire on every render.
      // Worse yet, if our effect triggered a state change it could cause an endless loop
      // where effect runs -> state change causes rerender -> effect runs -> etc ...
      useEffect(() => {
        // Call a method on the object and set results to state
        return objFinal.someMethod().then((value) => setState(value));
      }, [objFinal]);
      // So why not pass [] as the dependency array instead?
      useEffect(() => {
        // Then eslint-plugin-hooks would rightfully complain that obj is not in the
        // dependency array and we'd have to use eslint-disable-next-line to work around that.
        // It's much cleaner to just get the old object reference with our custom hook.
        return obj.someMethod().then((value) => setState(value));
      }, []);
      return <div> ... </div>;
    // Hook
    function useMemoCompare(next, compare) {
      // Ref for storing previous value
      const previousRef = useRef();
      const previous = previousRef.current;
      // Pass previous and next value to compare function
      // to determine whether to consider them equal.
      const isEqual = compare(previous, next);
      // If not equal update previousRef to next value.
      // We only update if not equal so that this hook continues to return
      // the same old value if compare keeps returning true.
      useEffect(() => {
        if (!isEqual) {
          previousRef.current = next;
      // Finally, if equal then return the previous value
      return isEqual ? previous : next;
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