Library: react

    // Usage
    function App() {
      const [darkMode, setDarkMode] = useDarkMode();
      return (
          <div className="navbar">
            <Toggle darkMode={darkMode} setDarkMode={setDarkMode} />
          <Content />
    // Hook
    function useDarkMode() {
      // Use our useLocalStorage hook to persist state through a page refresh.
      // Read the recipe for this hook to learn more:
      const [enabledState, setEnabledState] = useLocalStorage("dark-mode-enabled");
      // See if user has set a browser or OS preference for dark mode.
      // The usePrefersDarkMode hook composes a useMedia hook (see code below).
      const prefersDarkMode = usePrefersDarkMode();
      // If enabledState is defined use it, otherwise fallback to prefersDarkMode.
      // This allows user to override OS level setting on our website.
      const enabled =
        typeof enabledState !== "undefined" ? enabledState : prefersDarkMode;
      // Fire off effect that add/removes dark mode class
        () => {
          const className = "dark-mode";
          const element = window.document.body;
          if (enabled) {
          } else {
        [enabled] // Only re-call effect when value changes
      // Return enabled state and setter
      return [enabled, setEnabledState];
    // Compose our useMedia hook to detect dark mode preference.
    // The API for useMedia looks a bit weird, but that's because ...
    // ... it was designed to support multiple media queries and return values.
    // Thanks to hook composition we can hide away that extra complexity!
    // Read the recipe for useMedia to learn more:
    function usePrefersDarkMode() {
      return useMedia(["(prefers-color-scheme: dark)"], [true], false);
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