S Pock

    The sky is blue and the grass is green.

    import re
    import pronouncing
    def create_rap(paragraph):
      # Split the paragraph into individual sentences
      sentences = re.split(r'[.!?]', paragraph)
      # Initialize an empty list to store the rap lines
      rap_lines = []
      # Iterate over each sentence in the paragraph
      for sentence in sentences:
        # Split the sentence into individual words and phrases
        words = sentence.split()
        # Initialize an empty list to store the rap line
        rap_line = []
        # Iterate over each word in the sentence
        for word in words:
          # Find a rhyme for the word using a rhyme dictionary or online rhyme generator
          rhyme = find_rhyme(word)
          # Append the rhyme to the rap line
        # Join the rap line into a single string
        rap_line = ' '.join(rap_line)
        # Add the rap line to the list of rap lines
      # Join the rap lines into a single string
      rap = '\n'.join(rap_lines)
      return rap
    def find_rhyme(word):
        # Get the phonemes for the word
        phonemes = pronouncing.phones_for_word(word)
        # Get the last phoneme of the word
        last_phoneme = phonemes[-1]
        # Find words that rhyme with the last phoneme
        rhyme_words = pronouncing.search(last_phoneme)
        return rhyme_words
    # Test the create_rap function
    paragraph = "The sky is blue and the grass is green."
    rap = create_rap(paragraph)
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