The encryption function takes a string and creates an encrypted string by using a cryptographic algorithm. The ceil function rounds down the length of the string to an integer. The substring function takes the first n characters of the string, converts them to a number and returns it. The reduce function takes two arguments: an iterator and a function that takes two values and returns a single value. The function returns the value of r + (v[i] || ""). The function calls the array.reduce() function with the value of r and the value of v[i] as arguments.

    function encryption(s) {
      const ceil = Math.ceil(Math.sqrt(s.length));
      let temp = s;
      let array = [];
      while (temp) {
        array = array.concat(temp.substring(0, ceil));
        temp = temp.substring(ceil);
      let result = [];
      for (let i = 0; i < ceil; i++) {
        result = result.concat(
          array.reduce((r, v) => {
            return r + (v[i] || "");
          }, "")
      return result.join(" ");
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