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    The npm install command installs a package, in this case the @web/dev-server package. The @web/dev-server package installs the web-dev-server executable. The wds command installs the webdev-server command-line tool. The local-web-server command installs the webdev-server binary on the local system. The http-server command installs the http-server executable. The serve command installs the serve executable. The python3 -m http.server command installs the http.server module on the Python 3 system. The python -m SimpleHTTPServer command installs the SimpleHTTPServer module. The php -S localhost:8080 command opens the web browser on the localhost port 8080.

    npm install -g @web/dev-server
    npm install -g local-web-server
    npm install -g http-server
    npm install -g serve
    python3 -m http.server 8080
    python -m SimpleHTTPServer
    php -S localhost:8080
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