Vinod Pahuja

    Swiss Army Knife

    The three escape characters are

    \ escapes any character,

    \b escapes a word boundary, and

    \D escapes any character except a digit.

    qoute string  - "([^"])*"|'([^'])*'|[\W][\d]+
    only number [0-9]+
    \d  Any digit	[0-9]
    \s	Any whitespace character (space, tab, newlines)	[ \t\n\r\f]
    \w	Any ‘word character’ - letters, numbers, and underscore	[A-Za-z0-9_]
    \b	A word boundary character	no equivalent
    \D	The inverse of \d i.e. any character except a digit	[^0-9]
    \S	Any non-whitespace character	[^ \t\n\r\f]
    \W	Any non-word character
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