Arduino - Network Communication



    Sohail Gulam


    The CC3000 WiFi module from Texas Instruments is a small silver package, which finally brings easy-to-use, affordable WiFi functionality to your Arduino projects.

    It uses SPI for communication (not UART!) so you can push data as fast as you want or as slow as you want. It has a proper interrupt system with IRQ pin so you can have asynchronous connections. It supports 802.11b/g, open/WEP/WPA/WPA2 security, TKIP & AES. A built-in TCP/IP stack with a "BSD socket" interface supports TCP and UDP in both the client and the server mode.

    const int relay_pin = 8; // Relay pin
    void setup() {
    void loop() {
       // Activate relay
       digitalWrite(relay_pin, HIGH);
       // Wait for 1 second
       // Deactivate relay
       digitalWrite(relay_pin, LOW);
       // Wait for 1 second
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