def BinarySearch(arr, low, high, key):  #user-defined function
          if high >= low:  #check base case
              mid = (high + low) // 2
              if (arr[mid] == key):
                  return mid
              elif (arr[mid] > key):
                  return BinarySearch(arr, low, mid - 1, key)
                  return BinarySearch(arr, mid + 1, high, key)
              return -1
      arr = [ 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 ]  #array
      key = 40  #search key
      # calling function
      result = BinarySearch(arr, 0, len(arr)-1, key)
      # display result
      if result != -1:
          print(key, "Found at index", str(result))
          print(key, "not Found")
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      Binary Searching


      Python program for binary search using recursion

      Binary Search Algorithm in Python using Recursive Approach: a) Take an array, initial index, size, and search key. b) Find the middle term. c) if middle term == search key then return index. d) if middle term > search key then apply recursive call on the first half of the array. e) else apply a recursive call on the second half of the array. f) Repeat the process until the search key is not matched. g) If not matched then return -1.


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