Selection Sorting



    Mahendra Kumar


    Selection sort is a sorting algorithm that selects the smallest element from an unsorted list in each iteration and places that element at the beginning of the unsorted list.

    def selectionSort(array, size):
        for step in range(size):
            min_idx = step
            for i in range(step + 1, size):
                # to sort in descending order, change > to < in this line
                # select the minimum element in each loop
                if array[i] < array[min_idx]:
                    min_idx = i
            # put min at the correct position
            (array[step], array[min_idx]) = (array[min_idx], array[step])
    data = [-2, 45, 0, 11, -9]
    size = len(data)
    selectionSort(data, size)
    print('Sorted Array in Ascending Order:')
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