import { createCookieSessionStorage } from "remix";
      const sessionSecret = process.env.SESSION_SECRET;
      if (!sessionSecret) {
        throw new Error("SESSION_SECRET must be set");
      const { getSession, commitSession, destroySession } =
          // a Cookie from `createCookie` or the CookieOptions to create one
          cookie: {
            name: "__session",
            // all of these are optional
            domain: "domain.tld",
            expires: new Date( + 60),
            httpOnly: true,
            maxAge: 60,
            path: "/",
            sameSite: "lax",
            secrets: [sessionSecret],
            secure: true
      export { getSession, commitSession, destroySession };
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      Create Cookie Session

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      The code first checks to see if sessionSecret is set (it is not). If it is not, an error is thrown. The key to understanding this code is the creation of the three functions: getSession, commitSession, and destroySession.

      getSession takes an optional CookieOptions object as its only parameter and returns a Cookie object. The Cookie object has the following properties:

      name: The name of the cookie. This is the name that will be displayed to the user when they create or edit the cookie.

      domain: The domain that the cookie will be set for. This can be either the domain of the website that the user is on, or the domain of the server that the cookie is being stored on.

      expiry: The expiration date of the cookie.

      httpOnly: Whether the cookie should be accessible only by the user who sets it, or by other users who have been given permissions to access cookies.

      maxAge: The maximum age of the cookie, in minutes.

      path: The path on the web server where the cookie will be stored.

      sameSite: Whether the cookie will be set to be same-site or cross-site. SameSite cookies will be stored

      Library: remix

      Shortcut: remix.cookie.session


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