recyclerView = layout.findViewById(
      val Layout = LinearLayoutManager(requireContext())
      //To get the latest entry on top.
      Layout.stackFromEnd = true
      Layout.reverseLayout = true
      recyclerView?.layoutManager = Layout

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      Recycler View Frame


      The code creates a LinearLayoutManager object and sets it as the layout manager for the recyclerView view. The layout manager will keep track of the position of all the items on the recyclerView and will rearrange them as needed. The code also makes sure that the recyclerView view has a fixed size, so it won't grow or shrink automatically. Finally, the code sets some properties on the layout manager so that it behaves in a specific way. The properties that are set are: stackFromEnd (so the recyclerView will always start from the end), reverseLayout (so the recyclerView will always be laid out in reverse), and layoutManager (which is set to the LinearLayoutManager object).


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