<div class="flex space-x-2 justify-center">
        <div class="bg-white shadow-lg mx-auto w-96 max-w-full text-sm pointer-events-auto bg-clip-padding rounded-lg block" id="static-example" role="alert" aria-live="assertive" aria-atomic="true" data-mdb-autohide="false">
          <div class=" bg-white flex justify-between items-center py-2 px-3 bg-clip-padding border-b border-gray-200 rounded-t-lg">
            <p class="font-bold text-gray-500">MDBootstrap</p>
            <div class="flex items-center">
              <p class="text-gray-600 text-xs">11 mins ago</p>
              <button type="button" class=" btn-close box-content w-4 h-4 ml-2 text-black border-none rounded-none opacity-50 focus:shadow-none focus:outline-none focus:opacity-100 hover:text-black hover:opacity-75 hover:no-underline" data-mdb-dismiss="toast" aria-label="Close"></button>
          <div class="p-3 bg-white rounded-b-lg break-words text-gray-700">
            Static Example

      Javascript language logo
      your recipe card header background

      Tailwind Components

      This is a simpleDIV with an ID of "static-example". It has a role of "alert" and aria-live="assertive". It also has aria-atomic="true" to make it a live region. Finally, it has a data-mdb-autohide="false" attribute to hide it when the MDB database is not open.


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