import { createNativeStackNavigator } from "@react-navigation/native-stack";
      type RootStackParamList = {
          Home: undefined;
          Checkout: undefined;
          Summary: undefined;
      const RootStack = createNativeStackNavigator<RootStackParamList>();
      const NavStack = () => (
          <RootStack.Navigator initialRouteName="Home">
              <RootStack.Screen name={"Home"} component={HomeScreen} />
              <RootStack.Screen name={"Checkout"} component={CheckoutScreen} />
              <RootStack.Screen name={"Summary"} component={SummaryScreen} />
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      React Native Navigation Basic

      React Native Recipes

      This is a standard way to declare the RootStackParamList type and create a navigator component that routes the different screens in a react native app.


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