import { useEffect, useState } from 'react'
      const VISIBILITY_STATE_SUPPORTED = 'visibilityState' in document
      function isWindowVisible() {
          return true
        return document.visibilityState === 'visible'
        * Returns whether the window is currently visible to the user.
      export default function useIsWindowVisible() {
        const [isVisible, setIsVisible] = useState(isWindowVisible())
        useEffect(() => {
          if (!VISIBILITY_STATE_SUPPORTED) return undefined
          const handleVisibilityChange = () => {
          document.addEventListener('visibilitychange', handleVisibilityChange)
          return () => {
            document.removeEventListener('visibilitychange', handleVisibilityChange)
        }, [setIsVisible])
        return isVisible

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      The code in useIsWindowVisible() checks to see if VISIBILITY_STATE_SUPPORTED is set in the current document. If it is not set, then the function returns true. Otherwise, it returns the current visibility state of the window, which is either "visible" or "hidden".

      Shortcut: customWindow.Hook


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