export default function Custom404(){
        return (
          <section className="text-white flex flex-col items-center justify-center place-self-center h-90vh">
            <h1 className="text-8xl font-bold ">404</h1>
            <h3 className="font-bold uppercase tracking-wider">page not found</h3>

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      Nextjs Custom 404

      Nextjs with tailwind

      The code in the above snippet creates a section with a white background, col-sized text, centered in the viewport, and a large uppercase heading. The heading has tracking-wider set to true, meaning it will adjust its width to fit the container it is contained in. The h1 is styled with a font-bold class, and the h3 text is styled with a font-bold uppercase class.

      Shortcut: nextjs.component.custom404


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