import React, { Component } from 'react'
      class App extends Component {
      // The class property proposal
      // The state initialization without
      // constructor class
      state = {msg : 'Hi, There!'}
        // Changing state
        this.setState({msg : 'Welcome to the React world!'})
        return (
        <h2>Message :</h2>
        {/* Set click handler */}
        <button onClick={() => this.handleClick()}>
        Click here!
      export default App

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      Stateful Component

      React Project

      In the code above, the App component has an attribute state which is an object with a msg property. The App component has a handleClick() function which updates the msg property of the state object.

      When the App component is rendered, the code renders a div with an h2 and a p element. The h2 element has the message property and the p element has the value of the state.msg property. The handleClick() function is attached to the button element which is the element that is clicked.


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