<section id="not-found">
          <div id="title">Simple Pure CSS3 &bull; 404 Error Page</div>
          <div class="circles">
              <small>PAGE NOT FOUND</small>
            <span class="circle big"></span>
            <span class="circle med"></span>
            <span class="circle small"></span>

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      Bubble Bash

      404 Concept Page

      This file should be used with Bubble Bash Stylesheet for better use. The code above has a section with the ID "not-found". Within this section is a div with the ID "title". This div has three child divs. The first child div is labelled "404", the second child div is labelled "PAGE NOT FOUND", and the third child div is labelled "SMALL". All three child divs have small spans assigned to them. Finally, the code has a section with the ID "section". This section contains the body of the document.


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