import React from 'react'
      import '__path_to_your_stylesheet__'
      import { FontAwesomeIcon } from '@fortawesome/react-fontawesome'
      import { faHeart } from '@fortawesome/free-solid-svg-icons'
      import Nav from 'react-bootstrap/Nav'
      const Footer = () => {
        return (
          <footer className="footer">
              <Nav.Link href="/aboutus">
                <p className="footer-p-txt">About us</p>
            <p className="footer-txt">Made with <FontAwesomeIcon color="red" icon={faHeart} /> by _____<br></br>All rights reserved B) 2022</p>
      export default Footer

      Javascript language logo
      your recipe card header background
      React Footer Component

      Basic Fundraising Website

      The code above uses React and Bootstrap. It creates a Footer component which contains a <footer> element. The <footer> element contains a <center> and <Nav> elements. The <center> element contains a <p> and <FontAwesomeIcon> elements which uses the faHeart icon from Font Awesome. Finally, the <p> element contains the text "Made with Font Awesome by _____", where _____ is the name of the author of the code.



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