data "terraform_remote_state" "${myBackend}" {
         backend = "s3"
         config {
             bucket = "terraform-state-prod"
             key = "network/terraform.tfstate"
             region = "us-east-1"
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      The code defines a data structure called "terraform_remote_state" that contains the configuration for an S3 backend for Terraform. The data structure is defined in the variable "${myBackend}" and contains the following properties:

      backend - The name of the S3 backend to use (defaults to "s3")

      config - A JSON object containing the following properties:

      bucket - The name of the S3 bucket to store the state in (defaults to "terraform-state-prod")

      key - A key name to use to identify the state file in S3 (defaults to "network/terraform.

      Shortcut: tf_s3_backend


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