Terraform snippets

    The code declares a resource named "MyDemoIntegrationResponse" and sets its rest_api_id and resource_id properties. It also sets the http_method and status_code properties. The rest_api_id is the ID of the resource's REST API, and the resource_id is the ID of the resource itself. The code specifies that the http_method property should be set to "MyDemoMethod.http_method" and the status_code property should be set to "200.status_code".

    Shortcut: tf_aws_api_gateway_integration_response

    resource "aws_api_gateway_integration_response" "${MyDemoIntegrationResponse}" {
       rest_api_id = "\${}"
       resource_id = "\${}"
       http_method = "\${aws_api_gateway_method.MyDemoMethod.http_method}"
       status_code = "\${aws_api_gateway_method_response.200.status_code}"
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