resource "aws_api_gateway_model|" "${MyDemoModel}" {
         rest_api_id = "\${}"
         name = "user"
         description = "a JSON schema"
         content_type = "application/json"
         schema = <<EOF
         "type": "object"
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      This code defines a resource called "user" which resides in the "aws_api_gateway_model" resource. The resource has the following properties:

      rest_api_id: This is the identifier for the REST API that this resource corresponds to.

      name: This is the name of the resource.

      description: This is a human-readable description of the resource.

      content_type: This is the MIME type of the data contained in this resource.

      schema: This is a JSON object that describes the structure of the data contained in this resource. The contents of this object are a schema for the data that this resource represents.

      Shortcut: tf_aws_api_gateway_model


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