resource "aws_opsworks_memcached_layer" "${MyAWSResource}" {
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      This code creates a new AWS OpsWorks Memcached layer. The layer is configured with the following resources:

      An AWS OpsWorks instance named myawsinstance

      A custom Memcached instance named mycache

      A defaultMemcachedConfig file

      A mycacheConfig.json file

      The following configurations are set in the mycacheConfig.json file:

      A list of permitted IP addresses for mycache

      A list of permitted TCP ports for mycache

      The following code creates the AWS OpsWorks Memcached layer and sets up the required resources:

      var mycache = new AWS.Cache.Memcached(); mycache.configure( { host: "", port: 11211, user: "mycache", password: "mycache" } ); aws opsworks layer create --name mycache --resources mycache,myawsinstance,mycacheConfig.

      Shortcut: tf_aws_opsworks_memcached_layer


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