resource "azurerm_lb_rule" "${MyResource}" {
         name = "LBRule"
         location = "West US"
         resource_group_name = "\${}"
         loadbalancer_id = "\${}"
         protocol = "Tcp"
         frontend_port = 3389
         backend_port = 3389
         frontend_ip_configuration_name = "PublicIPAddress"

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      The azurerm_lb_rule resource definition defines a load balancer rule for the test resource group in the West US location. The name of the rule is LBRule, the location is West US, and the resource group name is test. The load balancer_id and protocol values are specific to the azurerm_lb_rule resource. The frontend_port and backend_port values are specific to the load balancer rule. The frontend_ip_configuration_name value is the name of the public IP address that the load balancer will use to route requests to the backends.

      Shortcut: tf_azurerm_lb_rule


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