resource "azurerm_lb_nat_pool" "${MyResource}" {
         name = "SampleApplication Pool"
         location = "West US"
         resource_group_name = "\${}"
         loadbalancer_id = "\${}"
         protocol = "Tcp"
         frontend_port_start = 80
         frontend_port_end = 81
         backend_port = 8080
         frontend_ip_configuration_name = "PublicIPAddress"
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      This code creates a new AzureRM LB NAT pool named "SampleApplication Pool" in the West US region. The pool has a resource group named "" and an associated load balancer named "". The pool is configured to use TCP and the frontend port to start at 80 and the backend port to end at 81. The public IP address for the frontend will be set to the pool's frontend_ip_configuration_name.

      Shortcut: tf_azurerm_lb_nat_pool


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