Terraform snippets

    This service will use the Fastly CDN and will be hosted on localhost on port 8080. The service will have the name my-${myResourceName}, and will have the description my-description-${myResourceName}. The domain for this service will be The backend for this service will be hosted on and will use the address and port of localhost. The service will be enabled for force_destroy to be true.

    Shortcut: tf_fastly_service_v1

    resource "fastly_service_v1" "${myResourceName}" {
       name = "my-${myResourceName}"
       description = "my-description-${myResourceName}"
       domain {
           name    = ""
           comment = "demo"
       backend {
           address = ""
           name    = "localhost"
           port    = 80
       force_destroy = true
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