resource "google_compute_instance_template" "${MyResource}" {
         name = "example-name"
         description = "example-description"
         machine_type = "n1-standard-1"
         disk {
             source_image = "debian-cloud/debian-8"
             auto_delete = true
             boot = true

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      This code creates a Google Compute Instance (GCE) with the name "example-name" and the description "example-description". The GCE will be created with the machine type "n1-standard-1", and will be configured with a 2TB disk in the "debian-cloud/debian-8" source image. The GCE will be booted with the "auto_delete" setting set to true, so that it will be automatically deleted after 6 months.

      Shortcut: tf_google_compute_instance_template


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