Terraform snippets

    This code defines a resource called "ibm_dns_record" that contains the information for an IBM DNS domain. The domain_id is set to the id of the IBM DNS domain, and the expire and minimum_ttl values are set to 900 and 90 seconds, respectively. The mx_priority value is set to 1, which indicates that this record is the most important record for this IBM DNS domain. The refresh value is set to 1, which means that the record is automatically refreshed every 90 seconds. Finally, the host value is set to "", which is the default DNS hostname for IBM DNS. The responsible_person value is set to "", and the ttl value is set to 900 seconds.

    Shortcut: tf_ibm_dns_record

    resource "ibm_dns_record" "${myResourceName}" {
       data = ""
        domain_id = "${}"
        expire = 900
       minimum_ttl = 90
       mx_priority = 1
       refresh = 1
       host = "%s"
       responsible_person = ""
       ttl = 900
       retry = 1
       type = "a"
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