resource "ibm_compute_bare_metal" "${myResourceName}" {
         hostname = "myHost"
         domain = ""
         os_reference_code = ""
         datacenter = ""
         network_speed = 
         hourly_billing = true
         private_network_only = false
         user_metadata = "{\"value\":\"newvalue"}\"
         fixed_config_preset = ""
         tags = ["collectd"]
         notes = "baremetal notes"

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      The code in this snippet creates a resource named "ibm_compute_bare_metal" which is attached to the host "myHost" and domain "" and has the os_reference_code " BareMetal ". The datacenter is set to "" and network_speed is set to "10GbE". The hourly_billing setting is set to true and the private_network_only setting is false. Finally, user_metadata is set to "{"value":"newvalue"}" and fixed_config_preset is set to "Standard". The tags setting is set to ["collectd"] and the notes setting is set to "baremetal notes".

      Shortcut: tf_ibm_compute_bare_metal


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