Terraform snippets

    The following code creates a resource named "myResourceName" that is a low-bandwidthLB pool with the description "my-description-${myResourceName}" configured for the HTTP protocol and using the HAProxy provider. The subnet_id for the pool is 12345. The lb_method is set to "ROUND_ROBIN" and the lb_provider is set to "haproxy". Lastly, a list of monitor_ids is provided to watch for traffic on this pool.

    Shortcut: tf_openstack_lb_pool_v1

    resource "openstack_lb_pool_v1" "${myResourceName}" {
       name = "my-${myResourceName}"
       description = "my-description-${myResourceName}"
       protocol = "HTTP"
       subnet_id = "12345"
       lb_method = "ROUND_ROBIN"
       lb_provider = "haproxy"
       monitor_ids = ["67890"]
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