Terraform snippets

    This code creates a new resource named "my-${myResourceName}" in the "rundeck_project" namespace. The resource has the following properties:

    name (string): the name of the resource

    description (string): a description of the resource

    ssh_key_storage_path (string): the path to the directory where Rundeck stores its private key files

    resource_model_source (resource model source): a source of the resource model for this project

    The resource model source must be a file. Rundeck parses the file and extracts the following information:

    the type of the resource (file),

    the properties of the resource (name, description),

    the configuration of the resource (ssh_key_storage_path).

    Shortcut: tf_rundeck_project

    resource "rundeck_project" "${myResourceName}" {
       name = "my-${myResourceName}"
       description = "my-description-${myResourceName}"
       ssh_key_storage_path = "anvils/id_rsa"
       resource_model_source {
           type = "file"
           config = {
           format = "resourcexml"
               # This path is interpreted on the Rundeck server.
               file = "/var/rundeck/projects/anvils/resources.xml"
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