Terraform snippets

    This code defines a virtual guest named "myResourceName" on SoftLayer. The virtual guest is assigned a name, domain, image, and region. The virtual guest's public network speed is set to 10, and the virtual guest's hourly billing is set to true. The virtual guest's private network only flag is set to false, and the virtual guest's cpu, ram, disks, and user data are defined. The dedicated_acct_host_only flag is set to true, and the local_disk flag is set to false. The virtual guest's frontend_vlan_id is set to 1085155, and the virtual guest's backend_vlan_id is set to 1085157.

    Shortcut: tf_softlayer_virtual_guest

    resource "softlayer_virtual_guest" "${myResourceName}" {
       name = "my-${myResourceName}"
       domain = ""
       image = "DEBIAN_7_64"
       region = "ams01"
       public_network_speed = 10
       hourly_billing = true
       private_network_only = false
       cpu = 1
       ram = 1024
       disks = [25, 10, 20]
       user_data = "{"value":"newvalue"}"
       dedicated_acct_host_only = true
       local_disk = false
       frontend_vlan_id = 1085155
       backend_vlan_id = 1085157
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