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    Angular snippets for TypeScript

    Observable is an RxJS library that allows us to subscribe to data changes and implement observable operators on top of that.

    An observable is an object that represents a source of data that can be subscribed to and "observed." When an observable is subscribed to, it will send notifications as soon as its data changes. The operator functions are then responsible for taking that data and doing something with it.

    For our example, we'll be using the observable to track the number of items in our list. The code starts by importing the Observable library and creating an observable instance. The next line creates a subscription to the observable and passes in our list of items as an input. Next, we use the subscribe() operator to subscribe to the data changes occurring on the observable. Finally, we use the handleData() operator to actually get the data from the observable and display it on the screen.

    Library: angular

    Shortcut: a_rxjs_import

    import { Observable } from 'rxjs';
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