Chakra Provider setup for React



    Khalid Khan

    Chakra UI companion for Javascript

    This code is to set up the Chakra provider in your react application. Please install the following dependencies before you start working.

    Pre-install dependencies :

    • @chakra-ui/react
    • @chakra-ui/theme
    • @chakra-ui/theme-tools
    • react-icons

    After installing Chakra UI, you need to set up the ChakraProvider at the root of your application. This can be either in your index.jsx or index.tsx

    Library: @chakra-ui/react

    Shortcut: chakra.provider.react

    import * as React from 'react'
    import { ChakraProvider } from '@chakra-ui/react'
    function App() {
      // 2. Wrap ChakraProvider at the root of your app
      return (
        <ChakraProvider theme={custom_theme}> // Add your custom theme 
          <App />
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