appwrite create function



    Khalid Khan

    Appwrite companion cookbook

    This code exports an async function that takes in two arguments: req and res for appwrite. The first argument is an object containing the request variables (including the payload), the second is a response object that will be sent back to the client. The function first creates an object containing the payload and secret key, and then creates a random number. The function then sets the APPWRITE_FUNCTION_TRIGGER environment variable to the value of the trigger variable. Finally, the function sends the response object back to the client.

    Shortcut: appwrite.createfunction

    module.exports = async (req, res) => {
      const payload =
        req.payload ||
        'Add custom data when executing function.';
      const secretKey =
        req.env.SECRET_KEY ||
        'SECRET_KEY environment variable not found. You can set it in Function settings.';
      const randomNumber = Math.random();
      const trigger = req.env.APPWRITE_FUNCTION_TRIGGER;
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