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Julien Delange โ€ข Friday, April 8, 2022

Calling Open-Source Contributors



Julien Delange, Founder and CEO

Julien is the CEO of Codiga. Before starting Codiga, Julien was a software engineer at Twitter and Amazon Web Services.

Julien has a PhD in computer science from Universite Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, France.

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At first, we had two integrations

Since we launched our Coding Assistant, we have developed two integrations: one for VS Code and one for all JetBrains products. We had great feedback from developers about these plugins, and we are happy to see our product growing every day (note: thank you, Codiga users ๐Ÿ™).

However, there is more than two editors: Visual Studio is very popular for C# programmers, Sublime Text is popular for Python, Eclipse is still the army-knife used for Java and many custom languages, and there are still many other IDEs - the list is long!

Developers, we want you

Developing more integrations

We realized that we need to integrate more IDEs to make our Coding Assistant accessible to more developers. We have two ways of doing this:

  1. Develop the plugins ourselves
  2. Partner with the open-source community

Being open-source fans, the solution is obvious to us: the open-source community is strong, full of passionate, experienced developers that want to deliver a great product and help other developers.


  • Under what license the new integration should be?: most licenses should be fine, we generally prefer MIT
  • What platforms are you looking for?: mostly Visual Studio, Sublime Text and Eclipse. If you have an idea about another IDE, don't be shy, contact us!
  • How much do you pay?: it's not a full-time job, we will pay a fixed amount depending on the developer experience and location (we will not lowball you as this is not in our principles)
  • What would you provide besides money?: your work will be promoted by Codiga, your plugin will be on our website

If you are a developer that wants to work on a new open-source integration for Codiga, contact us by email or join our discord server!

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