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Code Snippets for Chrome

Create, use and share smart code snippets with your team and all developers!

  • Create and find code snippets from your browser
  • Share private code snippets with your team
  • Access to Codiga Hub: the largest library of Code Snippets
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code snippets for JetBrains
create smart code snippets

Create code snippets from the Web

Have you ever wanted to save a code snippets while browsing the web? With Codiga, select the code snippet you want to save, right-click and save it!

Code snippets search in your browser

Install the Chrome extension and find code snippets in seconds. Open the Codiga menu while writing or reviewing code online and find code snippets based on your search keywords.

Chrome Code Snippets Extension

search smart code snippets

Developer collaboration re-imagined

IDE integration with Visual Studio

Import and share code snippets/recipes from your IDE.

Support for 18+ languages

C, C++, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript and much more.

Unlimited public snippets

Create all the code snippets, share them with the world and make them available on the Codiga Marketplace.

Unlimited private snippets

Share code snippets with your team only.

Organization of snippets in cookbooks

Create cookbooks that organize your code snippets.

Share snippets with your team

Share private snippets with your team and make sure all developers use consistent, up to date code snippets.

We support the most popular languages and libraries

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