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Julien Delange Wednesday, December 29, 2021

How Coding Assistant Can Save You Time and Money



Julien Delange, Founder and CEO

Julien is the CEO of Codiga. Before starting Codiga, Julien was a software engineer at Twitter and Amazon Web Services.

Julien has a PhD in computer science from Universite Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, France.

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Boost your developers productivity by saving hours of coding time

Money saving sign on keyboard

Ask any leader what their biggest challenge is when it comes to managing their team and they’ll tell you trying to improve productivity is always top of mind. Measuring a team of software developers' productivity levels is a complex thing; how many lines of code they write or tasks they complete in a day doesn’t exactly paint the entire picture.

According to a study conducted by Openrefactory, 75% of a developer’s time is spent on debugging– that’s roughly 1,500 hours a year! In the US alone, it’s estimated that $113B is spent annually on identifying & fixing product defects. What’s more concerning is that a study into the productivity levels of software developers found that the majority spend less than half of their workday actually writing code.

Time is money, so equipping your team with the right tools they need to feel supported, and to be successful, is an absolute must. At Codiga, our passion is supporting software engineers in all aspects of their job. We’re focused on saving our users time, helping them improve their skills, and creating an environment where leaders of tech teams can have useful tools that will make their team as efficient as possible.

Enter the Codiga Coding Assistant. This robust feature can save your team countless hours, and refocus their time on building projects by allowing them to create and share what we call Recipes. Recipes are reusable and adaptable pieces of code that will make team projects speed up instantly. Coding Assistant will reduce wasted time and ultimately give your team more hours to focus on the aspects of a project that requires their undivided attention. This can save you a lot of dollars in the long run because you can be sure your team is operating as efficiently as possible.

What Is Coding Assistant

Coding Assistant allows your team to have access to a robust library of Recipes. Recipes are building blocks of reusable code that can be populated directly in the IDE they are working in. These Recipes have been added by our network of trusted and experienced engineers, and are used constantly by all of our users. Additionally, anyone on your team can add their own Recipes of code that can be shared with their colleagues. This leads to much faster work and better consistency across the board.

Coding Assistant works anywhere they write code and can be easily added to their working environment using our VS Code, IntelliJ, and Chrome plugins. These plugins support all languages, and Coding Assistant also works with cloud-based development platforms like GitHub codespaces, Replit or Gitpod.

Let’s get into the specifics; firstly, when using Coding Assistant, your team can subscribe to any public Recipe in our network on the Coding Assistant Marketplace. This helpful tool allows them to find Recipes based on language, name, or keyword and tag associated with the piece of code they are searching for. Once they have subscribed to a Recipe, they can populate it in their chosen environment by simply typing in the name or keyword associated with the Recipe and then they continue their work with a buildable, trustworthy piece of code.

Coding Assistant Marketplace

Secondly, Coding Assistant makes using and adding Recipes very easy. Recipes can be created on our web interface, or directly in your IDE. Once their chosen plugin has been installed, your team can get to work. To create a sharable Recipe they simply need to highlight it directly in their IDE, right-click and select create Codga Recipe. From there, the piece of code will populate directly in our add Recipe section, and they’ll be directed to add a name, language, a brief description, and most importantly, the keywords that will trigger a Recipe to appear in Coding Assistant. Once saved, the Recipe will be available instantly for the rest of your team to use. It takes a matter of minutes to add and share a Recipe and results in a lot of time saved because it is very easy for everyone on your team to share their work with one another in real-time.

Using code snippet in VS Code

Coding Assistant goes one step further with Cookbooks. Cookbooks are a collection of Recipes, and this feature is a dream for keeping a team project organized and efficient. Like Recipes, Cookbooks can be shared publicly. Ensuring that your engineers are not working on the same piece of code at once is the key to boosting productivity, and Cookbooks allows them to create and store multiple Recipes in one, convenient place, where other team members can easily find and use them. When your team is adding a Recipe, they also have the option to add it to a new or existing Cookbook.

Why Does Your Team Need Coding Assistant?

All developers utilize reusable code foundations to build a project, but most search for existing code online that can be reused. Such code may be using outdated code or worse, code that is unsafe. This can lead to a lag in productivity as they work to fix any and all issues that are associated with a bad piece of code. This can slow a project way down and can even lead to missed deadlines. It can also be difficult to keep your team’s work consistent across the board when they are working on a group project. Not to mention, the countless amount of hours spent trying to source the right code.

Recipes on Coding Assistant are being constantly added and used by engineers in our network, and unlike a piece of code you may find online, we’re committed to ensuring the Recipes are as safe and up-to-date as possible. Having a library of Recipes can help out a team member who may not be proficient in a particular area, helping them to complete their work in a much more efficient time frame. It leads to a more confident and competent team overall because you are giving them the tools they need to succeed in their role and to further their development.

Additionally, being able to create and share Recipes among team members will make any project go a lot smoother, not to mention quicker. It minimizes meeting times because everything can be easily found and utilized instantly, so your team can stop planning and start doing.

Under each Recipe, your team can see how many times a Recipe has been used by another developer, as well as any comments and ratings on the Recipes so that they can make an informed decision. Rest assured, we’re committed to quality control when it comes to Recipes and Cookbooks, and all users on our network are encouraged to report any issues. Once they provide us a reason why you feel this Recipe should not be used, our team will investigate, and the Coding Assistant will never suggest or populate it in your team’s environment again.

Overall, Coding Assistant allows your team to focus their time on building your product, not wasting time scrambling to keep their work consistently and constantly going back and forth over calls or Slack to ensure no one is working on the same piece of code that could be much more easily shared and replicated with just a few clicks of the mouse. It makes their tasks go a lot faster because they will save time writing code that already exists in our network, and also suggest the right, accurate code for their project based on their needs. This reduces work and ultimately saves you money because less time is being wasted.

Wrapping Up

Our ethos at Codiga is making all of our products as easy to install and use as possible. With Coding Assistant, you can be sure your team is getting the most out of their workday. By giving this tool to your team, you are allowing them to build an arsenal of Recipes and Cookbooks that will make any and all projects they are working on and getting done in record time. Time lost is money wasted, and the Codiga Coding Assistant will save your team valuable time, and save you money in the long run.


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