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Julien Delange Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Codiga joins the Bitbucket Marketplace



Julien Delange, Founder and CEO

Julien is the CEO of Codiga. Before starting Codiga, Julien was a software engineer at Twitter and Amazon Web Services.

Julien has a PhD in computer science from Universite Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, France.

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The Codiga team is proud to announce the availability of our Bitbucket app today! This marks a major step forward in our journey to help all developers and managers deliver better code as we now can easily integrate with a major platform in the industry.

What is it?

The Bitbucket application brings major features to Bitbucket users:

  1. Code Analysis and Technical Debt Assessment: our platform performs Code Analysis on more than 10 languages, detects complex and unreadable functions as well as code duplicates. It also estimates the cost of your technical debt, associating a dollar value to it.
  2. Automated Code Reviews: do not introduce more debt into your code now. Bitbucket pull requests are automatically analyzed and annotated with defects, duplicate code and complex functions introduced by a new commit, before they are merged into the master branch.
  3. Seamless integration within the Bitbucket interface: Codigs metrics are integrated directly within the Bitbucket interface.
  4. Team support: it is possible to install the Bitbucket application on a team so that all its members can have access to the results, either on the Bitbucket interface or on Codiga itself.

Code Quality Statistics on Bitbucket

How does it work?

Integrating Codiga with Bitbucket could no be any easier! Get started by installing our application from the marketplace.

What if I am Using Bitbucket Server?

If you are using your own instance of Bitbucket (also known as “Bitbucket Server”), we provide support for it. Pricing depends on your team size and activity. Contact us for more information.

Question or request?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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