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Daniel Strong Tuesday, August 9, 2022

New Codiga Chrome Extension Release



Daniel Strong, Frontend Engineer

Daniel is a Frontend Engineer at Codiga.

He is a passionate frontend engineer, teacher, and learner. He has worked on or led several creative projects where he's grown his leadership, management, design, and programming skills.

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We're extremely happy to announce that we've just made a huge upgrade to our Chrome extension. We're bringing one of our biggest features from our Coding Assistant, code snippets, right to your browser!

We've integrated our intelligent code snippet search into our Chrome extension. This means that you can search for code snippets while doing a code review, while you're coding in an online IDE, or when ever else you may need them quickly.

Install It Now

After installating the plugin, you'll notice a "Codiga for Chrome" button near the top-right of your browser.

Codiga For Chrome Button

Note: This button will only appear on the following domains: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Stack Overflow, and Replit.

On any of those domains, once you've clicked the button, you'll see something like this:

Open Code Snippet Search Panel

Pick the language and add a keyword or two to start filtering our code snippets down to something that might interest you. The following is a sample search result.

Search Results

From this result, you can favorite a snippet, copy it, or simply head directly to its cookbook or group page to see what else you may be interested in.

Important Notes

To get personalized results, you'll need to set a Codiga API Token. You can do this by clicking the Codiga logo in your extensions area as seen below.

API Token Form

Once set, you're snippet search panel will turn from this:

Filters - No Users

To this:

Filters - Logged In

Give it a try today and let us know what you think. Be sure to check out our other Coding Assistant integrations too.

Are we missing something you'd like? Contact us to see what other integrations we're cooking up.

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